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Welcome to the Corail Helicopters website.

Corail Helicopters is the helicopter company in Reunion Island. You will explore with us the jewel of the Indian Ocean.
Reunion from the sky is an intense show, a spectacular experience.


Tourist Flights

Visit Reunion Island and its greatness safely.

Corail Helicopters offers the finest selection of tourist overflights. You will explore the wonders of its national park.

Private Flights

Transport privé Réunion
Contact us for your tailor-made flights.

Suited to your needs and expectations, we will also provide great rates for your parties whether it for professional or private matters.

Aerial work

Discover the fields of competence of Corail Helicopters.

A professionnal team specialized in the proceedings of airworks in Reunion Island. Trained on a constant basis over lifting, winching and freight duties.


Enjoy the benefits of a competent and available technical team.

Support and maintenance 24 hours and 7 days a week for any kind of helicopters. Licensed PART FR-145. DGAC approved. Privilege «I» for the FR-MG certification.



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