Why choose us ?

Founded in 2004 in Reunion Island, the company now owns a fleet of 10 helicopters on Reunion Island and Mauritius : six H130 and three H120, all equipped with the latest technology, spacious cabins with unbeatable visibility and a fenestron.
The H130 & H120 are the world’s reference helicopters for scenic tours.
Based in the South and West of the island,CORAIL HELICOPTERES is the only company to offer overflights in H130 & H120, aircraft specially designed for tourist overflights. Get on board modern and reliable aircraft and enjoy a panoramic view of spectacular landscapes.

  • 100% flight safety
  • Reunion’s most modern helicopter fleet
  • Experienced pilots in sightseeing flights
  • 1st helicopter company of Reunion Island by TripAdvisor

The different types of helicopters

airbus h130
airbus EC120 1
airbus as355
robinson R44

Ecological Tourism

Paving the way for responsible tourism in Reunion Island

Corail Hélicoptères, the National Park and their partners are working to preserve the tranquillity of Reunion Island’s World Heritage sites. The H130 & H120 respond to environmental regulations.
Causing less noise pollution, they are now the only helicopters authorised to land in the heart of highly protected sites, such as the Grand Canyon in the United States.
Corail Hélicoptères is thus committed to modernity, performance and sustainable development.